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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Activity No. 4

My selected paintings have similar characteristics but are still very different. The paintings have symmetrical balance. There is a coordinated focus on the central axis, whereas the distinct sides of each painting have paralleled size, shape and placement. Each painting shares a similar point of view, with the models facing the painters directly. The theme seems to be, in both compositions, somewhat of a “day in the life.” The painters just happened to choose this day to immortalize the subjects on canvas. There is nothing sensational about the subjects…no action other than standing.

One area of contrast is emphasis and subordination. In the Rivera painting, the foreground carries the emphasis of the painting. The eyes are drawn to the hands of the model, the focal point. The action begins there and draws the eyes outward to the rest of the painting. In Monet’s painting, however, there are spots that have been deliberately downplayed to bring attention to the garden and the family. Rivera’s painting also plays on the part of scale/proportion. The model seems to be extremely tall, based on the background. It gives the perception of a giant overlooking a great fair given in his honor…a king overlooking his subjects.


  • At 6:19 AM, Blogger charlannebrew said…

    This is a nice little essay. A bit short, there could be one or two other design principles discussed.


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